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Grudzień, 2014

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Music Your Mind

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The Zen of Music ‚” Enjoy Deep Relaxation, Blissful Serenity & Inner Peace ‚” in Minutes. And all you have to do is listen!

Have you ever noticed all the negativity out there? Anger, hostility, abuse, depression, deadlines, work stress, family strife… and on, and on… Like a bottomless pit you don’t want to fall into.

This work is my antidote. It’s about stress relief. And bliss hacks. Little ways to put a little joy in your every day. Maybe chase some dreams along the way.

You’ll find articles and information about meditation and mind music, along with free music samples, videos and lots of ways to add a smile to your day. Check out the blog, too. Read more…

Supernatural Seduction System

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I’m about to reveal how I was able to escape the impending life where a guy will be forced into if he does not improve his game and „settles’� with just any woman that accepts him. Lucky for me, I accidentally fell into this amazing SIMPLE system.

Now, I’m giving you the chance to get the same system ‚” it’s given me freedom to choose the women that I want, it can do the same for you (if you let it)…

I’ve been exactly where you’re sitting right now. Feeling rejected and disappointed at myself. Again…again, I failed with women again.

Then I hit a point in my life where I had to make a decision. I had to decide whether I was going to ‚give it my all’ and find the „secret’� or was I just going to „settle for just any girl’� and end up with which ever girl that did not reject me.

I spent over 4 years of my life finding this secret (yes, that’s over 1,460 days!). Over the last few years, every time I had spare time or would go out, I tested and studied how the female mind works to learn more.

The good news is, you won’t have to fail and get rejected like me. No, you get to keep your pride.

Keep reading this letter because I’m about to reveal my secret. I’ll show you the exact system that finally worked.

It’s not theory. I actually use this system in my everyday life to meet, attract and seduce SEXY women that I truly desire (you’ll see below).

Hi. My name’s Maurice Jackson. And let me tell you first that I do not have a lot of money, a flashy car or extremely great looks. But yet… I can more than hold my own when it comes to women.

I know how it feels when you think you’ve got a chance with a girl, because she has been dropping you hints and always talks to you about her problems… only to realize that she doesn’t think of you in that way and gives you the „let’s just be friends” talk.

I know how it feels when you finally took the courage to get a girl’s number, and just when you were excited about calling her the feeling of disappointment hits you in the stomach… when you later realize that the number she gave to you was a fake.

„Maurice Jackson, Your Own Wingman… this is all I have to say. Guess what? Your advice worked for me! I can now confidently meet, attract and seduce girls I never dreamed of in the past’� ‚” Darren J, NY

„Wow, all I have got to say that this system really has helped me increase my dating life… after reading all the other pickup and seduction books and DVDs, Maurice Jackson’s (Your Own Wingman) Supernatural Seduction System is one of the best. ‚” Lincoln Cole, CA

„This is the seduction Bible! This truly is a mammoth compilation of seduction knowledge put together in a easy to understand and applicable way. I think there’s over 300 pages! How long did it take you to write this system? It really helped me out for sure! Thanks Maurice!’� ‚” Stanly M, UK

I know how it feels when a woman that you asked out tells you that she’s „really busy” and „has things on” so she can’t accept your invitation… only to see her out later that night in the arms of another man.

I know how much it sucks to be there. My name is Maurice Jackson… You may know me from my dating website that I set up called: (which last year alone provided dating advice to nearly 300,000 grateful men).

Yes… I was just an average Joe who had no idea how to meet, attract or seduce women. It came to a point when I hit rock bottom.

It was when I thought I was „sooo in” with a girl and I stupidly believed her when she said „we’re so far along together now, you can tell me EVERYTHING”…

I told her „honestly, I have never been on a date with a girl so I don’t know what I should do next…”

I thought at the time we were practically together and we were a couple, so I could tell my girlfriend everything right?

In fact, the reason why I cared so much for her was because it was the first time I ever got to that stage with an attractive woman.

So I spent FIVE years of my life, laboriously studying the material from the greatest seduction masters on the planet, then practicing and applying their skills to hone my craft of seduction.

It was during my learning process that I created in order to help guys wanted to improve their dating life.

Then eventually after receiving thousands of emails and responses from men seeking advice both from and my personal life and experiences, I was able to formulate this secret seduction strategy.

Not only that, I started to totally dominate.And I do mean DOMINATE the dating field. I was able to meet, attract then seduce hot 10 out of 10 babes, such as smoking hot sexy club dancers…

I have compiled all my experiences and findings into this one and only ultimate Supernatural Seduction System…

By the way, I have never bought that sexy 20-year-old model a drink or showered her with gifts either…

And I don’t just seduce them… My last, long-term model/dancer girlfriend who I broke up with (yes, now I get to reject women instead of being the other way around), also followed this system!

I even went through my „rockstar” phase and went to clubs and met many beautiful women and succeeded like no tomorrow. Yeah, that’s right… Me, the average Joe guy… Read more…

The Smart Woman’s Breakup Book

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The Smart Woman’s Breakup Book will help you really get over your ex so when you meet that next nice guy, it will be the right time for you: you’ll have dumped your baggage.  If you’re still lugging your feelings for your ex around with you, you won’t recognize Mr Perfect (or alternatively you may think Mr Wrong is Mr Right).

And at only $4.99 you will have all the help you need to get your ex out of, and the groove back into, your life.

The Smart Woman’s Breakup Book is a 200-page ‚best friend’ here to support you through your breakup.  It is based on over 100 interviews with women just like you, women in their 20s-40s who got through their breakups, and is supported by leading experts’ advice on how to handle the months ahead.

You can get more details here about the 7-steps, the research and the content of this breakup ebook.

You will also get 2 extra bonuses with The Smart Woman’s Breakup Book that make a complete program to get you through your breakup:

I have printed out your e-book and it is my survival guide. To know there is support and caring from other women and that I am not alone in all this emotional mess is very comforting. And….also to …know there is relief to come down the road.

The Smart Woman’s Breakup Book and Workbook links will immediately available to download so you will be able to get started with the program today.  It is in PDF format and if you don’t have one already, you can get a PDF reader for free here.  You can also read it on your iPhone or iPad using iBooks. There is no need to watch out for the post or wait for a courier – and no chance that it will get lost in transit.  You’ll be given the link to the page to sign up for your email coaching and the first support email will be waiting in your inbox.  And we have a 60-day money-back guarantee – making this risk-free.

Sold through Clickbank – the web’s most trusted marketplace. You have 60 days to review this book – and if you are at all unsatisfied, you will get your money back – guaranteed.

P.P.S. If you’re still not sure – you can check out a free sample chapter here.  Download it today. Read more…

Covert Hypnosis To Change Minds

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„Covert Hypnosis Gives You the Scientific Breakthrough and Ultimate Power To Covertly Control Minds, Change Behaviors And Hypnotically Make Anyone EAGER To Fulfill Your Every Desire… Without Them Ever Knowing It!”

„Covert Hypnosis is the most powerful stuff I’ve EVER seen for selling, persuading, and motivating…” ‚” Joe Vitale, known as one of the world’s most powerful copywriters and marketing minds of all time, and New York Times best-selling author

The world’s most successful people have closely-guarded these underground covert secrets. But now, you can finally get insider access and become one of them! (Newly Revised and Updated!)

hen was the last time you felt totally in control of your life and the people around you? What if you could possess the power of Covert Hypnosis to literally control anyone at any given situation, how happy and successful would you be?

If you could read just one piece of information about how to control people’s minds and attitudes, then look no further. That is the essence of subtle influence.

In this program, you’ll discover how to make people fulfill your every dreams and desires with push-button simplicity! And the best part is… they’ll be very willing to do them for you.

Does the power of hidden persuasion sound unbelievable? If so, check this out… Read the full story and facts about covert communication because I guarantee you.. this scientific breakthrough has been tried, tested and proven to work in the real world.

Please make sure you read every word of this letter because the secret that can dramatically change your life is here. In 1998, when I coined the phrase „Covert Hypnosis,” there was a great deal of solid material on the market about NLP but there was nothing that went deep into the center of the nonconscious brain. That’s why I developed Covert Hypnosis.

But before you proceed, I want you to write down the top 3 things that you want others to do for you. Examples: I want my boss to give me a 30% salary raise, I want Jane to go with me on a date, I want XYZ Company to buy my product in bulk, etc. You name it…

And would you be surprised if I told you that you can influence people even without saying a single word?

See that image of the pocket watch going back and forth? In the old days hypnosis practioners used hypnotic language and rudimentary suggestion to try to change minds. Now that has for the most part evolved into something far more powerful. That’s the power of covert hypnosis!

„The most powerful stuff I’ve EVER seen for selling, persuading, and motivating…”

„I got chills up my spine as I started flipping through your new book. I’m afraid I’m either going to have buy all rights to this thing from you and take it off the market, or buy all copies to keep you from selling it.

This material is the most powerful stuff I’ve EVER seen for selling, persuading, and motivating’” without anyone but you knowing it. Truly amazing. You’ve hit another one out of the park and over the stands.”

‚” Dr. Joe Vitale, known as one of the world’s most powerful copywriters and marketing minds, star of the „The Secret” movie and New York Times best-selling author

Did you know? Almost everything you want in life requires cooperation from other people. This is a universal rule. The saying „No man is an island” stands true for everyone. No exceptions.

You will accomplish nothing, or will have a very tough time accomplishing anything, if you’re doing it all by yourself. You need other people to attain your dreams and speed up your success; that’s a reality. You need to be able to subtly persuade.

Unfortunately, you can’t just expect them to just give you anything you want (or to do whatever you like them to do) any time you please, unless you can…

Many of our behaviors are shaped in our genes, in our DNA. What if you have the power to connect with the part of the brain that is „driven by their DNA” so you can change their behavior? Not only is it possible, but unseen influence is scientifically proven and being used by a few selected people to have an enormous edge over everybody else.

How exciting would it be to know exactly what they’ll do next, because you can program their mind with this technology to take the specific actions you want? Best part don’t have to know anything about DNA!

No one will ever recognize what you are „doing” as hypnosis or what they think hypnosis is. If you think that’s interesting, wait ’til you read the next sections…

„I recently purchased Covert Hypnosis and absolutely love it. I sell security systems to small business owners. I was calling on a repair shop owner and after giving my presentation I asked for the sale.

He said his budget was really tight now but call in 6 months. That’s when I remembered what you taught and with only ONE sentence, I had the sale! It blew me away. Thank you, thank you!”

People desire to have control over their lives, but it rarely happens. They’re unable to accomplish anything because you see, they don’t know how to persuade people to help them. Worse, they might be under the control of others.

This lack of control makes their life miserable. They felt it in every aspect of their life. They’re angry at the world because they failed when others succeeded.

People who have no control have no chance to live their dream life. They hate their jobs, their relationships, their inability to handle situations, and their financial status, among others. Have you ever felt this way before?

If you’ve ever wondered how some people can attract massive success automatically like a magnet, it’s because they have the ability to control people and their situation. And there’s no other control tool more… Read more…

Specialaccess – The Success Happiness Formula

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The problem is you’ve been duped. You’ve become a victim of the pervasive and dangerous cultural myth that we were all taught as children.

You might have learned this myth from a family friend, your school teachers, or even your parents…

For the first 37 years of my life I followed the „set goals, work hard, and never give up’� success formula. In fact, I managed to achieve a six figure income running my own dental practice so on the outside it looked like our culture’s success formula was working!

The fact was this traditional formula wasn’t working and I knew it because I felt a great empty void in my life.

The problem was I didn’t want to be a dentist anymore, but I felt trapped in my career. It seemed that being a dentist was the only way I could make a living to support my family, but I hated it.

The work wasn’t fulfilling and I was so shy I took my continuing education credits through the mail just to avoid social gatherings.

After living the first 37 years of my life in silent resignation, I met my personal mentors. They did something for which I will be forever grateful.

„Thank you Dr. Joe. Your program helped me recognize how I was addicted to sadness and as soon as I realized this, I was able to take responsibility for managing my thinking. My depression is gone and I am making friends and loving life for the first time in too long.”

Once I understood the cost of settling for anything less then my ideal life, it gave me the impetus I needed to make a lasting change, and that’s when a whole new world opened up to me.

Have you ever noticed how some people can smoke virtually their entire life and live to be 90 whereas others get diseases like cancer and die before they reach 40?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when a virus like the flu breaks out that some people never get infected even if they never get vaccinated while others are easily susceptible to any ailment even when they take the right precautionary steps?

Cellular memory (as the name implies) is basically the memory that resides inside the cells within the body. That’s right; every single one of the cells in your body actually has a memory of its own.

Each of the cells within the body actually stores reserves of information related to past experiences (both positive and negative) within their memory.

This is often the reason why someone who beats cancer will experience a relapse. The same is true of those who suffer from addiction or any other type of disease.

What’s really occurring is a relapse of memory within the cell that is causing the body to react in a certain way.

This truth applies to every aspect of your life in both the physical and metaphysical world; meaning it can affect your body directly in the form of sickness or disease as well as metaphysically through things you attract like relationships or wealth.

„Dear Dr. Joe, At first I was quite skeptical about this. There are so many people out there falsely claiming to have the magic success formula. Not only am I thrilled that I took action, but I can honestly say that I find your work to be life-changing… Through your exercises, I was able to uncover and overcome many of the personal obstacles that have kept me stuck for years. I truly know that my life will never be the same again. I get along better with my spouse now, I attracted my dream job and I feel so much stronger, happier and more vibrant then ever! Thank you so much!”

„Once I became clear about the incompletions from my childhood, I was able to heal the hurt and move on, actually loving myself for the first time in too many years! With a return to loving myself first, attracting the right man into my life happened like magic! All of a sudden, I felt more comfortable flirting, talking, and dating men.”

It can be hard to fathom just how powerful your cellular memory really is in shaping your current and future experiences.

Before my mentors helped me understand how to boost the secret ingredient that reformatted my cellular memory, I was totally unable to recognize my gifts…

Then I learned how to re-format my cellular memory and my life has been filled with an unparalleled sense of meaning, purpose and excitement ever sense.

Once my mentors taught me how to boost my self-esteem it reformatted my cellular memory, and everything started to fall into place…

„Since taking Dr. Joe Rubino’s program, my confidence in my ability to do whatever it takes to attract wealth into my life has soared. I am now squarely on the path to achieving the abundance for which I have longed for so long.”

The amazing thing was once I boosted the secret ingredient I mentioned earlier, I was able to make these changes effortlessly and the same thing will be true for you!

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to reformat your cellular memory so you can achieve lasting happiness and success in every area of your life?

You see, after my break through I set out on a mission to create a simple but powerful formula that anyone could use to achieve the same kind of lasting happiness and success that I’ve achieved.

Well I not only created that formula but I have used it to help not one or two but THOUSANDS to reformat their cellular memory, enabling them to live their dreams.

My „Instant Happiness & Success Formula’� is perfect for creating a rapid life-change. In just one week you will be able to:

„Dr. Rubino, your book helped me to discover my gifts and life purpose. I am… Read more…

How To Marry A Russian Girl Who Loves You With All Her Heart

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Do not look for a Russian wife online before you read this. I am about to offer you the information that could change your search for a Russian girl completely. I am outrageously happily married to a stunning Russian woman who one of the nicest people I ever met, and she loves me with all her heart. I want to show you how you can too enjoy an amazingly satisfying romantic loving relationship beyond your wildest dreams with a beautiful sexy Russian girl! And how to do that FAST. I did it and I now I can help you to do the same. I can hold your hand to walk you through the process of finding the Russian girl for you. I will help you to meet a gorgeous Russian girl who is your true match. Reverse search engine shows there are more than a million searches a month for „Russian women’� and „Russian girl’�. Millions of men want to have a beautiful Russian wife.

But only few men actually marry a beautiful girl. In reality it is hard to find someone on the Internet, who lives on the other side of the world, speaks different language, and make sure she is the right match for you. Marriage agencies give you some information, but they do not give you the most important secret key ingredients that make your search for a beautiful Russian wife really work and work FAST! That’s why most guys looking for a Russian woman do not find one. The fact is they do not have all the information, all the directions. I am about to tell you ll the SECRET KEYS to making your dreams about gorgeous Russian wife come true!

Are you worried you might meet a gold digger? Find out the „Top 7 Ways To Save Yourself From Meeting A Gold Digger When You Date a Russian Girl Online”. Enter your email to get it now!

Here is how I came to knowing this and why I am offering it to you now. I have been always dreaming of marrying a drop-dead gorgeous girl. But I am an average guy, I was never popular with girls. I started looking for ways I can get things go my way. I read how to act confident with girls, how to feel superior around women, attract pretty girls, make women fall in love with you, and so on. I went to seminars and workshops. I spend thousands of dollars on all those courses.

Now I am about to share the most valuable information that I have learned during all those years. I will share the most powerful KEY information that worked WONDERS. I have found the secret ingredient that makes women fall in love with you inevitably! After I learned that, I was able to immediately chose a girl I want to be with, and make her fall in love with me. My knowledge helped me to make sure she is the right match for me. Here is what I did and what I can teach you to do: These secrets, WHEN APPLIED CORRECTLY, can make all your dreams about a pretty woman being next to you come true! With my guidance you will be happily married to a model-looking Russian girl even if you are an average guy, overweight, not rich, live in a small town, have uncool job, divorced, and have children living with you.

The question that most people ask me is what exactly are those secrets and how do I apply these discoveries to find my romantic love among Russian women and win the heart of an amazing woman? How can I get this knowledge without spending years of research, reading about what women want, playing dating games, and becoming rich? How can I have an amazing looking Russian wife who loves me with all her heart? Now that question is answered! Guys, whatever your dreams of a wife… they CAN be achieved! I found my wife in less that 2 month after I started searching for a Russian woman. I made sure she is my match with my deliberate system, proposed her in 6 month after we met. We have been married for 9 years and we are SO HAPPY, it is phenomenal. If all the couples used the system I used, there would be much less heart-broken people in the world now. I want to REVEAL all of my secrets to average guys like you. I want to share all of my POWERFUL DISCOVERIES. These secrets are SO powerful and work so fast that they amaze all who use them. People will be shocked how fast your life transforms. From a single man, you will become a happily married man with a drop-dead gorgeous wife who ADORES YOU! You will be so happy and feel like you are in heaven. I know that might sound like too good to be true, but it is TRUE! That is how I feel.

I will guide you every step of the way. Imagine having a guy who totally understands you, being next to you, holding your hand and PERSONALLY teaching you, giving you powerful advices when you need them so you can too find and win an amazing wife, and make all your dreams come true! You will be taught EXACTLY HOW to apply these discoveries so YOU CAN HAVE an amazingly happy marriage with a model looking Russian girl. Your friends and colleagues will envy you. You might start getting promotions at work because your status will be increased. Guys will turn their heads to look at YOUR wife. But she will be in love ONLY with you. You will be the only man she can think of. You will be the man of her dreams. I did a lot of research, including seminars, workshops, books, and personal experience, I spent years and thousand of dollars. Now I am willing to come forward and reveal, expose and teach… Read more…


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„Blake Jamison, the man behind a Tinder hack that got him over 2,000 matches, dishes the dirt on how you can set Tinder on fire and stand out from the crowd.”

„Blake Jamieson is trying to digitally play his way into women’s hearts, and it might actually be working.”

„Promises real results, and fast. While that guarantee may sound like a questionable ad for a sketchy weight loss product, the team’s credentials are intensely legit ‚” Jamieson’s Tinder hacks have been shared by a slew of respected sources (including Adweek and Business Insider)”

„Jamieson’s Tinderventure worked. [..” target=”_blank”> His number of Tinder matches increased exponentially, which in turn meant more messages. Many of them mentioned contacting him as a result of his fake Tinder „endorsement,’� proving Jamieson’s theory about trust and credibility correct. ”

TinderHacks is an eBook I’ve created using data from hundreds of hours and thousands of messages tested on Tinder.

YES! In addition to the eBook (PDF), TinderHacks comes with a .ZIP file full of images templates that you can start using right away. These templates will help your profile images pop, and also give you ready-to-share moments that are guaranteed to get responses from women.

TinderHacks is written for MEN who want to get more matches, messages, numbers, and dates from Tinder. The book covers everything from profile photos, writing the perfect bio, what to message women, how to move the conversation off Tinder, and how to get girls excited to meet you in person.

I am extremely confident you will love the content in TinderHacks. If you don’t, I have no problem issuing you a full refund. I’ve gotten nothing but praise from everyone who has purchased the book. Read more…

Pack-01 – 7 Second Stress Relief

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Several years back, I got into a business on a hand shake, at the suggestion of and with friends of, my then wife. I got screwed over badly, lost everything. And I do mean everything; business, car, wife (she upped and went with the ‚friends’), house and pension monies. All in the space of about a week.

At the time I had my diabetic Mother and my son to look after, (his Mother didn’t want him when she upped and left).

I lost weight. I caught every cold and every ill bug going around, as a result of lowered immune system. I would go to be bed dog tired but wake after about two hours with a dreadful feeling of impending doom of some sort.

Whilst I was never contemplated anything drastic for myself, I clearly recall getting a momentary but very real, glimpse into the mind of the sort of person that shoots his family and then himself. It was in the small hours of the morning. I woke up in a cold sweat, terrified. Stress can do that to you. And it doesn’t stop.

It was a good idea but not easy to put into action. First, find a Master Trainer in my area. Second any NLP training is expensive and I’m penniless.

I managed to track down the only Master Trainer within 100 miles, met with him and worked a deal. If I could find enough paying people he would run a practitioner course and count me in. I enrolled enough people, did the course and got my stress under control. And as a bonus, I certified as an NLP Practitioner able to help others.

I got my stress under control, stopped catching every cold and bug going, slept at night, woke refreshed, thought rationally, made better decisions and started to put on weight. A little too much in fact! In short, I got my stress under control with proven techniques that work. And I have helped many others since then to do the same.

Your life could be better too. Will be better, when you get your stress under control, which you will.

When I say, ‚I know just how you are feeling’ you will realize it is very close to the truth. I may not have been through exactly whatever you are going through now. After all, we have different experiences but stress is stress.

I know all this because a few years back I was where you are now. I have experienced most if not all, of the above and more. Against that background I hope you will accept that I can empathies with your stress, no matter where it is coming from.

To make matters worse, apart from feeling crap most of the time, chronic stress will go from bad to worse and will – note I said will not may – affect your health.

At best it will affect your immune system leaving you susceptible to whatever bug is doing the rounds, be it a cold or flu or gastro. Whatever it is, you are likely to come down with it. But far worse than the everyday bugs is the fact that stress has been shown to be closely linked to more serious medical problems such as elevated blood pressure and of course, heat attack.

So what did I do? I tried a lot of things, some just a tad weird and some decidedly ‚woo-woo’ or flakey. And I don’t do flakey very well. When finally I learnt and applied the wisdom contained in chapter 12 and the power of the techniques outlined in Chapter 13 my life changed. And I have never looked back.

I have taken everything I have read, learned and experienced over the years and distilled it into a simple course. There is no excess padding or verbiage. Some understanding of stress and the role it plays in your life is essential if you are to regain control and enjoy a stress less life.

AND I’ve included a BONUS mp3 being a short, (nine and a half minutes), guided meditation, for good measure.

Recommended by a friend this course is pretty much exactly what I was needing. It’s brief and to the point.  Chris gives you just enough knowledge to give you a better understanding of the role of stress in our lives, where it comes from and the importance of getting it under control.   I had no idea of what stress does to us, mentally and physically.

Apply the techniques and take note of some of the other practical advice and your life can only improve. I am definitely working on my self-talk. I had no idea that was so powerful and usually in a negative way. And the more I practice the 7 Second Relief technique, the easier it becomes and the more effective.

There is nothing complicated and you don’t have to have any fancy equipment or listen to strange, repetitive rhythms.

Your purchase is Guaranteed with our no questions asked 60 day, money back Guarantee. I could easily say 7 days because that’s how quickly you can start to feel less stressed but I am saying thirty days. That’s how confident I am that you will benefit from this course.

If, within 60 days of your purchase, you’ve been through the entire course and really tried to apply the techniques but you can’t make them work and / or you are not feeling the slightest bit less stressed then you are welcome to a full refund! This Guarantee is applicable to the downloaded course, it does not apply to Coaching sessions.

You can stay as you are – stressed out – for the rest of your life or you can hit the BUY NOW Button and Learn to Get Out of Stress, Stay Out and Live a Better Life. All for just $47.

Ps. Just think, within the hour you could already be feeling less stressed… Read more…

Irresistible Dirty Talk Tips From The Opposite Sex

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Learn how to talk dirty with confidence and satisfy your partner in ways they’ve always fantasized about. Turn them on in an INSTANT!

Stand out from EVERYONE they’ve ever been with. Once you start giving your partner what they’ve always wanted they are going to be attracted to you like a magnet!

HUNDREDS of dirty talk examples with 3 variations of every dirty talk phrase, Playful, Naughty, & HARDCORE, you will have tons of ideas of what to say for any mood.

Discover the most common dirty talk mistakes most people make to avoid embarrassing yourself or making for an awkward situation. You’ll be ready for EVERY situation!

Wherever you are, whenever you want, you’ll be able to turn on your partner like the flick of a switch. Keep your relationship fun for the rest of your life!

Whether it’s a red-hot text, seductive talk between the sheets, or SIZZLING phone sex, deeply satisfy your partner ‚”no matter where you are!

Home of the original Dirty Talk Handbook, we’ve helped over ten thousand people learn how to talk dirty and we can help you, too! Read more…

Prostate Massage Orgasm Techniques

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SEXOLOGIST REVEALS: Secret Sexual Pleasures for MEN. Discover sexually-intensifying techniques that give men orgasms BEYOND BELIEF!

There is no doubt in my mind that an orgasm is one of the most pleasurable sensations ever experienced by a man or woman.

The expulsive discharge of tension at the peak of sexual response can easily be described as pure ecstasy.

In fact, some orgasms can be so powerful that they briefly create an altered state of consciousness and an indescribable bond between two people.

Perhaps because its thought of as taboo … perhaps some body parts are simply off limits … who knows?

But, if you are willing to experiment … to unleash your inhibitions and join me in a quest of extreme sexual pleasure, then Ive got a treat for you…

… Because men actually have the same type of G-spot that gives women those deep, powerful, long lasting orgasms and men can experience scorching-hot orgasms using prostrate massage.

So if you can bear with me for the next 3 minutes Ill reveal the science behind prostrate massage and prove to you that even the most intense orgasm you ever had will pale in comparison to whats possible.

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